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Our story

Years ago we sat at our well-known kitchen table in Amsterdam chatting about our cultures and customs, as is often the case when we sit together. Only this conversation got a topic that we had never discussed before, namely intimate steaming.

As women of different ages we shared our experiences with each other, which we have inherited from our own traditions. We immediately wondered why so little is known about it in Europe.

Intimate steaming, which has now been given many trendy names, such as yoni steaming, v-steaming, vaginal steam bath, etc., is in our opinion a must-experience for every woman. You don't "do" intimate steaming, you experience that.

Due to the busy life, today's woman hardly has time to really come to herself.

We know this better than anyone, because as a maternity nurse, teacher of Dutch,

sales manager and natural food coach we experience this every day.

From this vision and our own years of experience, “The CO Ritual” was created with great love.

Our dream is to introduce every woman to intimate steaming and to add it to her own ritual.  

Coco Olive offers you the opportunity to experience your intimate moment of rest in your own familiar environment at its best. You and all women deserve this! “You can't really know, if you haven't experienced the ritual.”

We are always open to a pleasant conversation, good collaborations and would like to hear your personal experience.

At your intimate moment of rest!

Coco Olive

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